How do I plan for Homeschool…

I am still a work in progress you know.. and even when I would love love to plan in a beautiful notebook because I love little cute notebooks.. I just don’t .. can’t! ! Why?? I am in the go most days.. trying to balance my sewing work with homeschooling and homemaking. For me it’s important to have a schedule even when we dont do it all what we supposed to do everyday. It kinds of give some feeling of control and peace. .. yeah something like that. Also.. I can’t focus just on sewing or just on homeschool or I wouldn’t be able to accomplish both things.. and for me both are important. What I have found very helpful so far is Evernote. I have this app on my phone, and my daughter opens it up on the computer. I copy and paste there what links she supposed to do everyday for each assignment. Each link has a little box that she marks when she is done. That way I can check on my cell her progress and still save thise notes as a record keeping. How do you schedule? Any ideas?? Spam me!! I am so new on this and want to know how you do it!! ❣




January’s Work!!

Hey there!! Hope you all are having a fantastic week. Here the sewing machine has been driving fast!! Would like to show you what I am working on this month.. come back here to the updates. With that said I really hope you have a great month and a great year.

Remember this when buying handmade

January, the start of a new year.. people are recharging.. setting new goals, changing their wardrobe. And that’s totally fine! ! Excellent.. I would say, for a momboss that sews for other people. This means many moms like myself, are getting ready for “busy time”. Having this in mind.. a few points may be beneficial to remember.

Please do not make us feel miserable by complaining of the prices. This is where handmade artisans get hurt the worst. We are not machines, we do not mass produce. We make our products in our own homes. Our supplies are not ordered in bulk. We have to drive/take a taxi with children and all.. sometimes I even have The Little Doggy in my purse.. and go to the nearest store to purchase materials. The money for the supplies comes from our pockets, not a business account.. Really.. What’s that??

Understand that when you place a custom order, you may have to wait for your item. Sometimes it feels like I may have the Amazon logo on my forehead. Today I literally was ready to cancel a last minute order because this customer.. who happens to be my neighbor was calling day and night to see if I had her alteration done!! She knew I had several orders and that I work on order I receive them. She even sent me messages with my sister in law and my father in law. Last night she called my husband!! Please remember this, we are not machines that run 24/7. I am a one show mom here. No one else.

Understand the difference between quality and perfection. I put my heart and soul into what I do. I love making skirts, dolls, and accessories for hubby’s and children. I will always make these items with care and love. But I cannot guarantee that there won’t be a stitch out of line or that the print of the fabric will be perfectly centered. I try to create quality items but again, I’m not a machine.

Buying handmade is fun and exciting because you are getting a unique item. You will not find an exact match anywhere. What’s even better is that you are supporting a local family when you do buy handmade. Read that again, go ahead. You are not lining the pockets of some CEO. You are helping to provide a home to a child, giving couples a date night, adding to a savings account. You are ?making a difference!!

If you feel the need to be critical. . Just walk away. You may not like what someone makes, but you are not the only buyer.

I make no money off shipping. But I won’t lose money over it either. I don’t do free 2-day shipping. I will occasionally have a sale and offer free shipping on orders. If you can wait for one of those sales then great! Otherwise don’t complain, even retail stores charge for shipping unless you come to the store for pick-up.

If you think that you can make an item yourself, keep that to yourself. It’s extremely rude to tell a crafter that you can make what they worked so hard on. Even if you can do it, don’t say it.

Don’t to ask for a discount when purchasing an item. If the items are on sale then there will be a sign stating it. Otherwise, you are paying the price on the tag.

Remember that the items we make are special to us. We took time away from our families, friends, and housework (not that I’m complaining about that ) to make these items.

If you are looking for a perfect gift, ask a crafter. Even if we send you to a fellow crafter. I will always support my fellow crafters.

Thank you so much for supporting our families,


What’s new?

So ater many many months thinking about this I finally open this blog. I started sharing on my Instagram what I like, what I wanted to sew.. then I went to sewing classes for some time and start making skirts for my friends. This is a journey of 3 years that little by little took me here. My thoughts for this blog are not just to share with you my creations but to share my motherhood journey…as a stay at home mom, working at home mom, homeschool mom..

I really hope you enjoy this new stage and some of my struggles and victories help you in some way.. and if don’t that’s fine. Think of this blog as a community of moms trying to be better for their families one stitch at a time.